Our Vision

We believe in the power of charter schools to deliver quality education to families across the country. Our mission is to help charter school leaders better serve their students by providing them with critical resources that build more sustainable futures for their schools. We are focused on continuing to pioneer and offer products, services, and solutions that help our nation’s charter leaders address complex challenges and support their school’s success, sustainability, and longevity. We continually strive to find innovative and holistic solutions that are customizable for each school’s unique circumstances. Our vision is to continue to provide the flexibility, reliability, and stability charter leaders require as they walk their journey to better educate more students today—and in the future. When charter schools succeed, we succeed.

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Dedicated to Supporting Charter School Success

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Over a Decade of History

Charter School Capital is the first national services provider exclusively focused on charter schools and the students they serve. Since our founding in 2007, we have invested more than $2.3 billion in charter schools, serving over 1,500,000 students in more than 800 schools across the country.

The growth of Charter School Capital has mirrored a market that was untapped when co-founder Stuart Ellis became aware of the funding challenges faced by charter schools. Ellis left his job as a bank consultant and shared his vision for solving these funding challenges with co-founder Brad Coburn, then a managing director at Countrywide Financial.

Together, the two created a solution for charter schools that was previously unavailable. Charter School Capital first focused on providing a reliable source of funding to charter schools in order to help them stabilize operations in the following areas; payroll, facilities enhancements, technology, books, ongoing operations.

In 2014, Charter School Capital expanded its capabilities to include facilities financing through the formation of American Education Properties, LLC (AEP). Unlike other facilities financing options, AEP financing was designed to allow a charter school to determine its own long-term facility needs with long-term access and full control of their buildings, under a charter-friendly landlord.

This approach represented a major improvement from the year-to-year lease renewals typically faced by charter schools. To date, American Education Properties has purchased 42 charter school facilities around the country.

In 2018, Charter School Capital began offering additional services to charter schools, including enrollment marketing, Medicaid® reimbursement and green energy services through Charter School Energy, powered by BioStar Renewables.

As the charter school market continues to grow, our goal is to help charter school leaders access, leverage and sustain the resources they need to thrive, freeing them up to do what they do best – educate students.


At Charter School Capital, we believe in the power of charter schools and their leaders to deliver quality education. We can provide reliable funding for charter schools because of the depth of our financial resources and our understanding of the unique issues charter school administrators face. We would like to work with you to help further educational opportunities for charter school students.

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • How long have you been around and what type of customers do you serve?

    We’ve been helping charter schools reach financial stability and grow for over ten years. We’ve served some of the largest charter organizations in the country while also serving some of the smallest schools just starting out. No matter what size you are or what stage of growth you are in, we’d like to customize a solution to fit your needs.

  • What can I expect from customer service when I choose CSC?

    Each client is assigned a dedicated Client Services Representative, Account Manager, Financial Analyst, and an Underwriter to provide the best service in the business.

  • How long do schools typically fund with CSC?

    It depends on the needs of the school (stabilization v. growth); some schools have simple, individual project needs; and some schools have grown into large networks and have been clients for years as we’ve funded their growth.

  • How do we apply?

    Give us a call (toll free) at 877.272.1001 and one of our Client Services Representatives will walk you through the prequalification and application process. Should our programs align with the needs of your school, you’ll fill out a brief online application and we’ll collect additional documentation as needed.

  • How do we qualify/ What do we need to submit?

    Our documentation requirements start with your charter and your financials. Your Client Services Representative will guide you through the process.

  • What is a “receivables sale?”

    In a receivables sale transaction, Charter School Capital purchases state aid payments that are due to the charter school from the state and, in exchange, provides funding to the school in advance of the state payment distribution date.

  • If we enter into a receivables sale transaction with you and the state delays payments, what are the risks or additional costs to us?

    Charter School Capital assumes the timing risk if the state delays the distribution of the payments that are due to the school. There are no additional costs to the charter school in the event the state delays payments.

  • How does your organization acquire the funds it distributes?

    As a responsible capital provider, we have access to reliable capital from private funding sources, assuring we can always support your needs.

  • Do you require a personal guarantee?

    No, we do not require a personal guarantee.

  • How are we charged? And what are the costs involved?

    We charge a discount rate. The discount rate is determined by market-related factors including, but not limited to: short-term interest rates, the type of receivable being sold, the time the receivable is outstanding, the credit profile of the school and market rate returns for similar investments.

  • Does it take a long time to get funds?

    We can sometimes fund in 10 business days for an emergency, but your first funding normally takes four weeks. After your first funding, it typically takes two weeks to fund. Our in-depth process and procedures ensure that we finance charter schools ethically and responsibly.

  • Can a school receive working capital financing and facilities financing?

    Yes, we have schools that leverage both our working capital and facilities financing.

  • What differentiates your facilities financing program from others?

    We purchase buildings and lease them back to charter schools. A long-term lease can provide security and flexibility with relatively little cash up front, compared to other facilities financing options like bonds or other ownership options.

  • Are there other services you provide?

    Our product availability varies with state charter laws. In addition to our working capital and facilities financing, we also can provide:

    • Loan products in select states
    • Growth funding
    • Capital expenditure funding
    • Gap funding
    • Help with access to grants and donations
    • Marketing support
    • Charter school informational resources (webinars, blog posts, guides, etc.)
  • What advantages do you provide that your competitors don’t?
    1. We’re mission-driven and 100% dedicated to the charter school space.
    2. Unlike traditional lenders like banks, we work with you to solve the unique challenges you face.
    3. We are dedicated to financing schools ethically and responsibly.
    4. Your success is our success. Our goal is to help your school become financially stable, successful, and set up to serve more students.

You can count on the personable and knowledgeable team at Charter School Capital to find the financial solution that is right for your school, and we’ll provide access to consistent funding you can count on as you grow. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your funding and facility needs.

Phone: 503.227.2910 | Toll Free: 877.272.1001
Email: GrowCharters@CharterSchoolCapital.org

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