Neutralize Coronavirus In Your School Building

Charter School Capital has supported charter schools through the pandemic with information, solutions, products and services so they survive and thrive. Having heard time and again that the safety and well-being of students is a top priority and a key concern of school leaders, we are excited to provide charter schools across the country access to AtmosAir™ through our partnership with BioStar Renewables.

AtmosAir is an air purification tool to support the fight against illness in schools. (Report Brief)

Tests performed by Microchem Laboratory, one of the world’s preeminent laboratories for testing sanitizing products registered by the EPA and FDA, confirmed that the presence of coronavirus was reduced by 99.92 percent within 30 minutes of exposure to AtmosAir’s bi-polar ion technology. Crucially, the testing replicated realistic conditions, exposing the virus only to the concentration of ions that would be present in an occupied building. The results prove that AtmosAir’s public health solution, effective in stopping the spread of pathogens and contaminants, directly impacts and neutralizes coronavirus.

Now available for install and financing through Charter School Capital’s partnership with BioStar Renewables, charter schools can leverage this technology to:

  • Defend against Coronavirus in schools
  • Reduce student sick days overall
  • Decrease utility expenses

Want to learn more? Watch our on-demand webinar: How to Implement Air Purification Technology for Charter Schools
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*The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of the AtmosAir Matterhorn Series device against Human Coronavirus Strain 229E at contact times of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes. The researchers observed the viruses activity on a controlled surface and on a surface treated with the AtmosAir Matterhorn Series at varying temperatures. This solution has not been tested on COVID-19 per the inability to access the virus (due to safety concerns). View the report brief here. 


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