Michael Connelly, Marshall Emerson and Manny Rivera
Michael Connelly, Marshall Emerson and Manny Rivera

The Charter School Capital team attended the 2013 National Charter School Conference in Washington, D.C. last week where we met great people in the charter school movement.
At the conference, Charter School Capital was one of the lead sponsors and hosted an engaging breakout session panel discussion with several knowledgable charter school leaders – Marshall Emerson, Manny Rivera and Mike Connelley. We’ve captured a few of their key points below.
Start-up schools and staffing: “Find humble, hungry and smart people…It’s not about the business plan. It’s about getting the entire team on the same page…everyone right down to the crossing guards should be able to talk about the school the same way the CEO does.” – Marshall Emerson, CEO & Co-founder of ICAN Schools
School culture: “You have to foster a great culture to keep staff.  Traditional public schools usually pay more, and without the right culture many teachers will move to those schools.” – Manny Rivera, CEO & Founder of Believe 2 Achieve International
Future growth: “As the organization grows, the leader’s job becomes to hire, retain and manage the people who do the job that you used to do…you’re no longer ‘playing man-to-man,’ you’re now ‘playing zone coverage….’ Your biggest question is no longer ‘will I live to fight another day?’ It becomes ‘what do you want to be as you grow-up?’” – Michael Connelly, CEO of Mosaica Education
Learn more about Building a Growth Strategy, by viewing the presentation deck. And be on the lookout for more great advice and answers to the audience’s questions in the coming weeks. We plan to keep this discussion going and hope you will too by contacting a member of our team to learn more. 877-272-1001 or add a comment to this post.

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