As the school year draws to a close, it’s time for school leaders to start thinking ahead to the summer and preparing for the fall. Summer can be a great time for school leaders to plan ahead and organize their school’s marketing and social media content. Here are six ways school leaders stay organized and make the most of the summer months on social.

1. Plan your social media content in advance.

Take advantage of the time when students and teachers are still on campus to schedule video and photo shoots for social media content. Use scheduling tools or Facebook’s built-in tools to plan out your content calendar in advance, including topics like back-to-school prep, summer learning loss, and educational summer activities.

2. Stockpile teacher profiles.

Teacher profiles are some of the best-performing content on social media, but it can be difficult to gather this content over the summer. Take advantage of the end of the school year to create profiles of your teachers.

3. Keep your same posting cadence.

Even though website traffic may dip, social media can remain active during the summer. Don’t change your cadence of posting over the summer, as you don’t want algorithms to negatively impact your searchability.

4. Stay focused on the future—but also take a break!

Over the summer, it’s important for school leaders to stay focused on planning for the upcoming school year. Use the summer months to think strategically and prepare for a successful year ahead—but also be sure you take the time to relax and recharge! Scheduling your social posts in advance can give you the much-deserved chance to unplug.


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