Tricia Blum
Tricia is a multi-faceted California native and mother of two.
Previously a practicing lawyer, Tricia decided to change careers once her children’s school asked her to be on their Board of Directors. Once she found herself in the realm of education, Tricia persistently looked for ways to support her surrounding community. After having worked with Charter School Capital throughout the years, she decided to join the team to support charters and communities on a larger platform. She hasn’t looked back since.

How Did you meet Charter School Capital?

I got started in the charter world in late 2012. In 2015 I was hired as a CEO for a 5-campus charter school and found out pretty quickly that the school was in financially distress, so I began to work very closely with Charter School Capital.

A while later, I had resigned from my position as CEO and had left the charter world for a time. When I decided to re-enter the charter world I called that account manager at CSC and I said “Hey, I know off and on we’ve talked about me coming to work at Charter School Capital and I’d love to explore that.” Soon after, Stuart Ellis (CEO of Charter School Capital) called me, and the rest is history.

How would you describe CSC and your position?

At Charter School Capital, we support schools by providing financial, enrollment marketing, and facilities support for charter schools.

I personally work with schools to set a plan for success. Depending on the school and the circumstances, that plan may be financial, operational, or may deal with governance.

What brings you joy?

I find joy in everyday things…a walk on a crisp morning, enjoying my morning cup of coffee, conversations with charter clients, family time, and finding creativity in everyday aspects.

When did you learn about this line of work? What called you to it?

I fell into the Charter World when I was looking for different educational opportunities for my kiddos. I was dissatisfied with traditional public schools in our area, and I sought out the best options available. We toured a school that was offering differentiation and a learning model that aligned with my kids. We were looking for the best education options and fell in love with the charter path.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

In the second grade, I announced I wanted to be an Attorney. And I became one.

Over the years, what wisdom have you learned?

I quote Aaron Burr from Hamilton “Talk Less, Smile More”. Be mindful of where you’re putting your energy and recognize that it’s not important to always be right.

From your position how do you impact charter schools?

I help charter schools in their pathway to success. If a charter school needs support, whether in operations or managing cash flows, I stand in as a coach. Since joining Charter School Capital three years ago, I have directly helped upwards of 40 schools and charter organizations.

What’s something about you that might be surprising?

I’ve had many hats throughout my life, from attorney to published artist.

If you could create a New Class Subject, What would it be?

Leaning In, the importance of being a woman or any underrepresented class in the workplace and owning it. I was a lawyer and a mother, and now a business leader and a mother, it is possible. A class for folks to understand and see a pathway that allows you to succeed when the statistics may not be in your favor.

What piece of advice would you give to recent graduates?

Find someone in your field who you identify with and ask if they will formally or informally mentor you. Someone you can call and ask advice or have conversations about your goals.

In your view, what does the world need more of? Less of?

In my career, I’ve served communities throughout the entire United States and I’ve spent time in places that challenged my views. In those travels, a big takeaway was being able to take a step back, recognize those differences, and act accordingly. We as humans have more in common than we may realize.

What do you hope to see for the Future of Charter Schools?

As a mother whose children attend charter schools, my hope is that charter schools continue to serve the community at large and specifically impact the students, by offering specialized, student-focused education.

What do you hope to see for the Future of CSC?

Right now, Charter School Capital has many opportunities available with a team of intuitive collaborators and dedicated change makers. In the future, I hope we continue to innovate in the realms of education — even branching out into early ed, private schools or the workings of school districts. There’s opportunity in all those areas, which we might want to explore. I think the sky’s the limit; we can shoot for the moon and catch a star.

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