Kids to Fill Your School

An enrollment marketing partnership for full, thriving classrooms.

You’ll have a dedicated team.

You’ll have a dedicated team.

Partner with an entire team of marketing experts for support based on your school’s needs and goals.

Together, we’ll build your school’s brand and campaign.

Together, we’ll build your school’s brand and campaign.

Empowering you to take your school's message forward through action-oriented design and planning.

With support, you'll grow full, thriving classrooms.

With support, you'll grow full, thriving classrooms.

Your school grows and succeeds as enrollment steadies and rises.


Support may include:

  • Brand elements
  • Social media strategy
  • Event planning support
  • Online and offline advertising
  • Website support
  • Marketing emails, blog posts

Your team will be empowered to continue using the strategy and materials we build together after your partnership ends.

School Success Story

Discover how Indy STEAM Academy used both on and offline enrollment marketing campaigns to raise awareness and increase enrollment.

Learn more about an Enrollment Marketing Partnership

Embark on the path to thriving classrooms as you discover key ways to achieve your enrollment goals.
Explore the steps for increasing enrollment, hear tips for elevating your school’s presence both on and offline, and begin planning for your school’s growth with this on-demand webinar: Enrollment Marketing Partnerships: An Overview.

The Charter School Digital Marketing Guide

Your digital marketing strategy is important for raising general awareness, fundraising, meeting enrollment targets, and creating a diverse network of champions that will nurture your school over the long term. The goal of digital marketing is to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time—and in a meaningful way..
This workbook will empower you to build and follow through on a simple digital marketing strategy for your school. You can use these pages to refine your messaging, set goals for your school, and achieve those goals through various digital marketing programs.
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