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When charter schools succeed, we succeed. Our vision is to continue to provide the flexibility, reliability, and stability charter leaders require to grow their schools.

Charter School Capital has helped dozens of school leaders secure their buildings and brighter futures. With our flexible facilities financing options, school leaders will enjoy the security of a facilities partner whose mission is completely aligned with the school – to serve more students with better educations. 

About Our Facilities Financing Options

Explore Lease-Back Flexibility

Explore Lease-Back Flexibility

Our team works together with you to craft a flexible, money-saving alternative with your students’ success at the forefront.

No-Cost Bond Alternative

No-Cost Bond Alternative

Gain control over your school facility, and the benefits of ownership, without the headaches and costs associated with a traditional bond.

Building Improvements and Construction

Building Improvements and Construction

Finance improvements or new construction directly into your lease.

Achieve Long-term Affordability

Achieve Long-term Affordability

Remove the worry of surprise rent increases through predictable monthly facility expenses, with options to expand and scale.

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A Safe Learning Environment

Students learn best in a distraction-free, healthy and safe learning environment. Teachers perform best when the school building is a safe and reliable work space. And school leaders can focus on policy, academic achievement and teacher mentoring when not distracted by unease about lease agreements, unsupportive landlords, and concerns about the sustainability of their school building arrangement.

Charter School Capital has been helping schools find, secure, finance and improve their buildings for over a decade. We’ve helped over 50 schools get a reliable learning environment. Charter School Capital is building a world where every student can access an educational path that fulfills them and supports a brighter future. We’re here for you and your school, and we only succeed when you succeed.

By empowering schools like yours, Charter School Capital is building a world where every student can access an educational path that fulfills their individual learning needs.

Get yourself an ally and a champion rather than a landlord. Get in touch with us today.


Looking for Facility Stability?

With more than 1 million students across the country on charter school wait lists and the fact that many charters operate in suboptimal buildings, the lack of facilities is a serious obstacle to charter growth. Charter School Capital offers a stable and flexible solution: a long-term lease that allows schools to access funding through all stages of growth. We currently support a portfolio of 50 school properties in 10 states, with over $400 million in assets. We welcome the opportunity to see how we can meet your school’s needs and help you achieve your goals. To learn more about our facilities financing solution, download our guide below.


Related: Environmental Solutions

  • Improve the learning experience of your students with human-centric lighting, solar window film, and advanced heating/cooling controls
  • Reduce your building’s energy consumption, lowering monthly costs, and reducing the carbon footprint of your school
  • Set an example of sound environmental policy for your students and your community;
  • Make your school a safer environment for in-person learning as students return to classrooms.

Learn how our solutions can help you move forward with school building environmental and infrastructure improvements that may have been deferred due to cost.

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