Funds for what you need, when you need it.

Fast, reliable, and sustaining funds.

You can get money for what you need.

You can get money for what you need.

Pay teachers and staff, buy learning technology and supplies, and cover your budget.

You can get money when you need it.

You can get money when you need it.

Get access to ongoing and reliable money for what you need in as few as five days.

You can achieve your school’s mission.

You can achieve your school’s mission.

Improve your school building and complete projects despite budget limitations.


School Success Story

See how STARS Charter School grew their programs with money to run their school.

Reliable and Flexible Funding

You can save over time by getting money only when you need it. Benefit from customized financing terms so you can avoid tapping into reserves.

The Charter School Growth Guide

Grow Your School at Every Stage

Whether you’re just beginning the process of starting up a charter school, looking to expand, or trying to prioritize your next steps, this guide is for you.

You’ll find advice from experienced charter school leaders who deeply understand the unique terrain of charter school growth—they have been where you are now. You’ll get tips for you and your team on developing a strong charter, building culture and community support, and boosting your financing and practices to support your growth.

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